Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Talk about crazy chinese people....

I've just read an article on a french video game's news website about a chinese amusement park with starcraft and world of warcraft as the theme.

The park is suposed to open in march 2011 and will be called Joyland. (creative Iknow)
It would be pretty awesome to run into a roach between two rollercoaster don't you think ?

Here is the (french only sorry) original article where I've seen this news : http://www.gameblog.fr/news_20630_un-parc-d-attractions-world-of-warcraft-starcraft-en-mars

Here are some visual :
[image loading]

[image loading]

And here is the official website (it very laggy with my connection )

More pictures and finsies here:






  1. That's insane, haha. I'd go to it, but it's still crazy.

  2. well that settles that i'll have to make a special trip to china if they ever get it built!

  3. Holy shit this will be insane...
    What an awesome thing

  4. that would probably be on the list of places for my stepdad and younger brother to visit in their lifetime...

    they are big into warcraft and starcraft