Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

Player "qxc" going to Korea?

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@qxc0000, 7 hrs ago:
Sent an application in to gomtv for the Code A Foreigner House for this summer. The cogs are turning.

Kevin "qxc" Riley, the American Terran from Root Gaming who placed second at the IEM American Championships in New York among other notable results, has written an application for the GSL foreigner house in Seoul, Korea.

Several hours ago on Twitter, QXC wrote that he had submitted the application and that 'the cogs are turning'. Although Riley is temporarily living in Spain, it seems that the American's plan is to play StarCraft full-time in Korea once his education at Harvey Mudd is complete. At the very least, he is attempting to expand his horizons this upcoming summer. I am currently reaching out to qxc for comment and clarification on his intent.

qxc will not be able to compete in the upcoming season and it is unclear when exactly he hopes to participate in the GSL.

This was posted already in the qxc fan club but very few people noticed it and honestly, this deserves a bit more recognition. Yeah yeah, it's another Terran but get over it! It'd be awesome if qxc showed up in Korea. Just like with Sjow, I have absolutely no idea how his play will translate to results in Korea but right now I'm just excited to see the foreigner house start to shape up and fill up..

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  1. Awesome, would love to see a foreigner win a season. Jinro got 3rd place in season 3 I believe?