Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

GSL Tournament Player listing now out!

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On Feb. 7th at 3PM KST (GMT +9), Code S Players will participate in group nominations for GSL Mar.

GSL Mar. will be the third league of 2011 GSL (Global StarCraft® II League) Tour hosted by GOM TV and Ro32 will start on Feb. 22nd. Top 8 players from GSL Jan. will be placed in groups A through H.

IMMvp will be in group A and MarineKingPrime.We will be in group H. 3rd through 8th place including LiquidJinro and EGIdrA will each get to select a group. Top 8 players will also get to choose a player they want to have in each of their groups. The selected player will then get to choose the next player to have in his group and so on until there are 4 players in each group.

The event will be broadcasted on GOMtv.net and John (Junkka) of Teamliquid will provide interpretations.

Group A
1. (T)IMmvp
2. (T)oGsHyperdub
3. (Z)ST.July
4. (P)oGsMC

Group B
1. (Z)EGIdrA
2. (T)TSL.Clide
3. (Z)oGsZenio
4. (T)ZeNexByun

Group C
1. (T)Liquid`Jinro
2. (T)PoltPrime.WE
3. (T)ST.RainBOw
4. (Z)CheckPrime.WE

Group D
1. (T)oGsNada
2. (T)TheBestfOu
3. (P)HongUnPrime.WE
4. (T)oGsTOP

Group E
1. (Z)IMNesTea
2. (P)SanZenith
3. (T)SlayerS_BoxeR
4. (T)oGsEnsnare

Group F
1. (P)choyafOu
2. (T)FOXLyn
3. (P)BanbanssuZenith
4. (Z)oGsTheWinD

Group G
1. (P)TSL.Trickster
2. (P)anyproPrime.WE
3. (P)NSP.Genius
4. (Z)TSL.FruitDealer

Group H
1. (T)MarineKingPrime.WE
2. (Z)KyrixZenith
3. (T)sCfOu
4. (P)oGsInCa

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