Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

DeMisliM breaks hand in street skirmish. Might be out of ESL Pro Series

The british terran player (T)DeMusliM broke his hand and elbow after getting into a small "skirmish" while he was out drinking with fellow player Rotterdam.

- Rotterdam on the readmore forums (mostly german, with R. commentating in english)

Quotes by Rotterdam:

RotterdaM08 Kevin van der Kooi
Oh man, bad night, that wasn't supposed to end like that... t_t, updates will follow

RotterdaM08 Kevin van der Kooi
On my way to das krankenhaus once more, not for myself though, hopefully everything will be fine soon..

RotterdaM08 Kevin van der Kooi
Poor Benni [...]

[...] pretty much right on, thats pretty much what happened, I was in the hospital this morning and most likely he can leave at monday, he wont go assembly most likely but IEM global finals should be np, but assembly is to early, I will perhaps upload a picture later when I got my camera here of how his elbow looked that night we got home, its pretty sick :D

They were out drinking on monday and got into some trouble with a couple of people. Not much happened there but Demuslim fell down and broke hand and elbow - which he didn't notice until later, though, they went drinking first. When coming home he apparently needed help from Rotterdam, they noticed his arm/elbow was swollen badly and they got him into a hospital asap. He was x-rayd and operated and will stay in the hospital for another couple of days.

As said in the quote he probably won't make it for the Winter Assembly 2011 in Helsinki, but IEM finals should be OK according to Rotterdam. He may have to be replaced in the ESL Pro Series, but I don't know too much about that league.

Src: TL.net


  1. I spent an awesome week in Amsterdam. All that time I didn't see any trouble in a bars. Locals seemed pretty chilled out and tourist too stoned to care. Fun :)

  2. When i went to amsterdam it seemed like a really chill place